*New for 2017/18* Skills 4 Life


Everyone aged 18+




Newport Road


3 hours per week


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New for 2017/18 - We are looking for volunteers who are keen to use the skills they already possess to enhance the lives of adults with disabilities and/or mental health conditions.

Within one of our Supported Living Schemes there is a beautiful communal space that SVC will be using to run a range of activities for vulnerable adults. We are looking for a small group of volunteers’ to prepare and deliver some informal training in “Independent Living Skills”. Sessions might include; “How to manage your money?” “How to plan a day trip?” “How to use public Transport?” or “How to eat healthier?” Additionally, we’d love to deliver activities like upcycling workshops or craft sessions.

This is a brand new project that volunteers will help to shape, so we are looking for fun volunteers who will be able to bring new ideas to the table.