Park Road


Students aged 18+


Monday or Thursday 6.00-8.00pm


Park Road, Whitchurch, Cardiff


Once a fortnight


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Park Road is a fast track (6 - 12 month stay) rehabilitation unit where patients are supported and encouraged to learn or relearn independent living skills, e.g. shopping, cooking, budgeting, using public transport etc. They also learn new skills like medication management with the aim of progressing to supported accommodation or independent living.

Your role as a volunteer will be to befriend patients whilst doing activities and sessions in the communal rooms of the terraced house unit. Activities are planned by volunteers based on what patients would like. You will then buy the resources and send a poster advertising your activity. Your poster goes onto the weekly activity planner. Evenings have previously included cooking, quiz night, Wii, card making and board games. The volunteer’s role can at times be challenging and hard work, but it can also be very rewarding the more time you spend on the project. It is a fantastic opportunity to get experience in this field.