GCSE Maths & English Mentoring Programme


Students aged 18+





October to March


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The GCSE Maths & English Mentoring Programme is run jointly by First Campus/Central South Consortia Joint Education Service/Cardiff University.

They are recruiting student ambassadors to support the delivery of the GCSE specification in schools and get a taste of teaching across South East Wales. This programme has been established to provide help and support to identified pupils in secondary education.

Your role as a student ambassador will be to design and deliver GCSE Maths & English support, going into schools or FE (Further Education colleges) once a week for a morning or afternoon or (in the case of FE colleges) an evening and delivering a session on a one-to-one/small group basis to mentees.

Sessions will be in between 2.5-3.5 hours per week and this will include travel time. For a morning session, you will be asked to do two morning lessons and for an afternoon you will be asked to do final lesson and an after school club.

You will be given appropriate training with the Central South Consortia and senior teachers so that you feel comfortable with the specification and can contribute meaningfully to the classes. You will also be expected to help students develop self-esteem, motivation and confidence in their studies with the intention of improving their GCSE grade attainment. You can be a source of advice and information if they have any questions regarding life and studying at university. As a representative of the university, you can help raise their awareness of the opportunities which higher education will offer them and to recognise that access to higher education is possible.

This role is both challenging and rewarding, but would provide excellent experience for you in terms of in planning, organisation, project delivery, and guiding and supporting others. It would be especially good experience for those considering employment in teaching or Higher Education.

The project will run from November to March and you will finish by Easter so that you have plenty of time to prepare for your own exams.

There will be a short application process (including an informal interview) and training will take place in October.

There will also be an opportunity to work at specific events as well, including some revision days, a Winter School and a Summer School.