Ella Downing

Project Coordinator



Hi, I’m Ella and I'm responsible for coordinating seven SVC Projects!

I graduated from the University of Birmingham with a degree in Political Science and Philosophy in July 2016 and then went on to volunteer in Ghana for five weeks at the Volunteer West Africa Daycare and Nursery Centre. Alongside the mental health awareness volunteering I was involved in at university, my experience in Ghana made me really keen to pursue a career in the third sector. This year I will be overseeing and supervising seven volunteering projects: Home and Away, Huggard Homeless Centre, LOL Fridays, SVC Dance, Weekenders, Games Club and Whale of a Time Wednesday. It is also my responsibility to recruit, train, guide and support all of the lovely volunteers that make these projects such a success.

SVC is a fantastic charity to work for and the huge variety of projects mean that there are opportunities for all kinds of volunteers so don’t hesitate to sign up!